20th Anniversary

2013 marks our 20th year in business. Most of our early clients back in 1993 were on un-networked DOS 286 & 386 computers. The following is an informal time-line of the major technology transitions we’ve been involved in over the past 20 years. (Dates are approximate.)

Early 90’s – Getting networked In the early 90’s networking became more accessible and affordable to small businesses. We set many of our early clients up with their first networks.

1993-1995 – Moving to Windows Windows 3.1 was appealing to users, but its instability caused frustration for both users and IT alike. We managed the transition of entire networks of computers to Windows 3.1 and have upgraded our clients to every subsequent version of Windows.

1995-1998 – Getting online The internet was new to most small business and home users. We helped our clients get on the internet and get access to the Word Wide Web, email, and other basic internet functionality – first using modems on individual computers, then using broadband. We assisted with shared hosting and virtual servers when they became available.

1998 – Present Open source – we help our clients with
the open source technologies that power the internet – Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP

1999-Present – Web applications – We help our clients set up interactive web sites with forms and back-end databases.

2007-Present – Mobile integration – We help our clients integrate smart phones, iPads & with internal systems and legacy applications.

2010-Present – Cloud integration – We help our clients integrate cloud solutions nito their current networked environments.